Frightened of the dentist?

Many people are extremely nervous or phobic about visiting the dentist and will find it difficult to undergo any treatment. For some people, their only option of having any treatment done is with sedation.

The patient will be fully aware of their surroundings after treatment and will be able to leave the surgery of their own accord. However, the patient will need to be accompanied by a chaperone, will not be allowed to drive, operate machinery or sign important, legal documents until 24 hours after treatment.

At Fryern Dental Practice we will treat you gently with all the TLC that you require, even if you are completely phobic..

If the thought of having dental treatment fills you with dread, why not come and have a chat with Emma about treatment with sedation. Its only a chat and best of all…. Its FREE.

Dr Emma O’hara is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist Click Here to verify.

Prices start from £276 per session with treatment costs on top.

Finance options are available.

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  • I have never had such a fantastic experience with a dentist, exceptional service! Thank you.–Mr R.H

  • Emma is excellent – thorough but gentle. Worth travelling from North Dorset to see her!–Anon