After your extraction

Take care of the area that is numb. Avoid anything too hot. If you need to eat, be careful not to catch the numb area when chewing.

Avoid disturbing the clot with your tongue or finger. This can start the socket bleeding or increase the risk of infection.

Do not rinse out your mouth for the rest of the day.

Avoid overexertion or rushing around for the rest of the day, as this may also restart bleeding.

If the socket should start bleeding, use clean cotton handkerchief and apply FIRM CONTINUOUS PRESSURE to the socket for 20 minutes. The key to stopping bleeding is to allow a clot to form and solidify, CONTINUOUS pressure should achieve this.

If you need to take painkillers, be careful not to exceed the stated dose.

The following morning

Start to use hot salt water mouthwashes (1 teaspoon of salt in a glass of hot water). Use 3-4 times a day for the next 3-4 days. This helps prevent infection and promotes healing.

It is not unusual to have some degree of discomfort. This should be controllable with over the counter painkillers.

If you are particularly concerned with any problem, please contact the surgery.